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Tilak PyleTilak’s love and fascination with yoga has led him to study with many teachers throughout the U.S. and India, and he continues to be amazed by its power to heal and transform the lives and hearts of those who practice it.

His unique teaching style is intuitive, creative, soulful, and influenced most by his work with Yoga Master Sri Swami Satchidananda, renowned teachers Erich Schiffmann, Angela Farmer & Victor van Kooten, Sufi Master Asha Greer, and healer Michael Fraser.

He holds degrees in Religious Studies, Literature & Religion, and has studied Sanskrit at the American Sanskrit Institute with Vyaas Houston and the University of Virginia. In 2005, he released his acclaimed DVD, Yoga: Altar of the Heart, and is also the author of the Online Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide and co-founder of the popular yoga website

Tilak lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with his wife, Michelle, and their two children, Texil and Kali.